Resettlement & Integration


The aim of the resettlement & integration programme is to successfully teach Ghanaian returnees as well as foreigners the various local languages, legal system, culture and history of Ghana. This is to enable them become familiar with the lifestyle Ghanaian lifestyle and integrate easily. It would also assist them to independently cope with all areas of daily life with little or no help from third parties. The integration programme is aimed at both new arrivals and people who have lived in Ghana for a relatively long period but have not yet learnt sufficiently the Ghanaian lifestyle.

Our specially designed courses are intended to break through “the vicious cycle of no language – no work – no opportunity”.

 Training will cover:

a. Language courses: The language course will cover important aspects of everyday life, e.g.

  • Work and career
  • Bringing up and raising children
  • Trade and consumption
  • Housing
  • Media and media use
  • Social interactions

b. Orientation courses: In the orientation course you will discuss the following, for example:

  • The Ghanaian legal system
  • History and culture
  • Rights and obligations in Ghana