Cultural & Educational Exchange Programmes


CLIRT intra-African and global exchange programme is designed to bring together young people from various countries on the continent and outside Africa to experience each other’s culture and history. The programmes seeks to break cultural, language and historical barriers between young people all over the world.

The Programmes mainly involves travels to major tourist sites in the host nation and practical lessons on African arts, music and cuisine, documentations and presentations on particular issue by participants in the programme.

As part of our educational program we undertake training sessions as well as international and multi-cultural outreach programs

Our educational programmes include:

  • African Music & Dance
  • African Drums & Drumming
  • Origami Sessions
  • African Culture & Heritage
  • Story Telling:  African Myths & Legends
  • African Cookery: Exotic Fruits & Vegetables
  • African Art & Craft
  • Clay Work Sessions
  • Mask Making & Mask Casting
  • African Traditional Coil Pot Skills
  • Jewelry Making & Beads Making
  • Hand Made Figurines & Sculptural Forms
  • Terra Cotta-Porcelain
  • Textiles Sessions
  • African Traditional Tie& Dye/Batik
  • Woolen Doll Making


The exchange programme is a biannual event.